Have you heard that videos are the wave of the future? According to the New York Times, we are now in a post-text world, meaning as Internet users we’re transitioning to visual multi-media. This doesn’t really mean that it’s the end of text per se, but that visual content needs to be more engaging, and be produced as stand-alone products.

We all have the ability to produce our own movies now thanks to that supercomputer in your pocket. And many social media platforms allow for live broadcasts (like Facebook Live, Instagram, Periscope), and archive your broadcasts for viewing later (like a built-in YouTube within each platform). It’s all pretty amazing when you think back to where we were just 50 years ago…

Those fifty years ago saw a huge change in our media usage. It inspired communications scholars like Marshall McLuhan who researched the effects of the media on culture. When he famously pondered “the medium is the message” he had only seen the rise of television culture. Had he been around to see the rise of the Internet, and all the forms of social media that have since arisen, I think even Marshall may have been speechless.

Thankfully, The Vestibules have written The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan for you and produced this video so you don’t have to read this blog any further.

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